We all know that the power of our physical heart is an essential part in keeping us alive.  But do we really and truly understand the power of the heart.  It is the most undervalued resource we have for living our best life and reaching our full potential.

For the past four years I have been on a journal to discover what awaits me when I take the time to develop a relationship with my heart.  I am not talking about going to my cardiologist.  I am talking about finding stillness and really turning inwards and connecting to me heart and listening to the guidance I receive.

I have heard that our spirit resides in your heart and it is the heart that gives the spirit the language.  But if you are in a non-stop way of living, you will never be able to hear your heart’s guidance.

I have been on this earth for a very long time and it is in these past four years that I have had the deepest of connections with my heart, including my intuition.  It has made my life more simplified, easier in my day to day and had made me feel so very peaceful and calm.

Ours hearts have tremendous feelings.  It feels like butterflies are living with in it when we fall in love and it feels like it is breaking when we loose a loved one.

It is through the heart we have a deeper understanding of who we are as a human being and shows us the potential we have to change not only ourselves, but the world.

This is a place where I receive wisdom and also miracles.  And it is not the place within my business that I am teaching other women to gain access.  What better place to have to turn to in moments of indecision and confusion.

And here is really great news.  Your heart is always with you. You never leave it at home.  Where you go your heart goes.

Our hearts are here to lead us to compassion, to forgiveness, for seeing the whole in all of its goodness and beauty.

If you are reading these words and longing to have a relationship with that source within you that will guide you when you are feeling hurt, will show you the way when your head cannot tell you where to turn, please allow yourself to have a conversation with me to see how going deep within your heart came change everything in your life.

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Please do not go another day feeling lost and confused.  Having a conversation with me can change your world.  Do not delay.