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Health Coach

When I first met Susie I was overweight and over stressed and emotionally shut down. I didn’t understand healthy boundaries for myself or others. I did not love or value or cherish myself, and felt that I didn’t deserve those things from others. I was a wounded child stuck in pain from decades ago. It was difficult to connect with others (and myself) in a healthy way.

Biggest takeaways: there are a few. I have learned to value and love and care for myself first and foremost; that it is not selfish but necessary and healthy to put my own needs first. That past experiences do not define me. The ability to understand what is mine and is not mine - healthy responsibility and boundary setting.

I value most that I have finally learned that I am a lovable, worthy person just as I am, deserving of love and respect and kindness from others and especially from myself. I value my new and improved relationships with literally everyone in my life.


Health Coach

I knew I wanted to change same aspects of my life and personality and work on my personal growth with somebody who could listen to me and guide me through a continuous and organic experience. The topics I discuss with Susie are important to me and very personal. It is difficult sometimes to discuss such private aspects with friends or even family for the fear not to be understood, lack of time or simply because people who love us not always have the perfect suggestion to give us.

Susie gives dedication to her clients and a sense of no-judgement in every conversation. In every session, she is committed to focus on the client and set her intention in supporting the client with any topic the client is in need of discussing. She provides simple strategies and techniques that can be used from day one, in every day life and thatwill give an immediate sense of achievement and with dedication will turn life in the direction chosen.