An Experienced Women's Empowerment Coach

Susie began her coaching practice 15 years ago when she became
certified as a health and wellness coach. She attended the Institute
for Integrative Nutrition.

It was during her time as a health and wellness coach that she
continually saw a pattern that kept repeating when she was working
with her women clients.

Most of her women clients where so burdened with limiting beliefs
and patterns that they had carried for so many years. It was then that
Susie saw a great need, a need that was not being met, that she
pivoted her focus and began her work as a Women’s Empowerment

Why a Women’s Empowerment Coach? Susie has been on her own
personal transformational journey for over 20 years. She has
consistently done the work to change the way she had been living,
releasing limiting beliefs and old patterns and growing into the
woman she desired. She is still on the personal growth journey and
she is committed to doing the real work so she can help her clients to
grow and transform.