As we go through our lives, living day to day, hour by hour, these are the times that come together to make up our lives. It’s like puzzles pieces that we put into place to create the whole picture.

I will use that analogy to bring the importance of each moment in our lives and how each moment, when they are each put into place or each one is connected to the other, that is how we make up the life we desire to live.

Stop wanting for that one moment that you think will make you happy, or that one person you finally they will make you happy.

I think of the desert cactus that blooms once a year and only for a brief time. If that brief time in the life of a cactus flower was the one time it was waiting for to shine in this world, it would have a lot of down time waiting for the next time it blooms.

Take that analogy and think about your life in the same way. The desert cactus is doing the real work to prepare for that flowering when it looks like nothing is happening. It is nourishing itself, it is resting and soaking up the sunshine in order for the flowering to best its best.

Do we do that in our lives? Are we questioning the moments in our lives that are not as fulfilling and the BIG moments? The time in between what we are calling the BIG moments are just as important as the Big moments themselves because we ARE doing the real work within ourselves and that is what is bringing us to the BIG moments. It is preparing for the BIG moments.

If you are constantly waiting for something BIG to happen and those are the pivot points in your life, you are missing the connecting pieces. The pieces where we are being consistent in our core practices.

My core practices are things that I do each and every day. Meditating, journaling, managing my energy, doing breath work, assessing my day. These are the things that prepare me for the BIG moments in my life.

If I am not doing my core practices every day, the BIG moments might pass me by because I am not in preparation for them.

What are you doing to prepare yourself for those big moments in your life?

The moments we are in preparation are just as important if not more important that the BIG moments. They are like strength training. You cannot go to the gym and lift weights once and declare yourself a muscle man/woman. It takes consistent practice and consistent dedication to doing the work.

If you find that you are waiting for the BIG moments to find joy and happiness, I can show you how to be consistent in doing the work to find more joy and happiness in the everyday moments.

Reach out to me for a COMPLIMENTARY CLARITY CALL. 609-634-2764. I only have one spot open in my schedule and it will be first come, first serve. Do it now. Let’s talk about how you prepare daily in your life for those times where you bloom like the desert cactus.

Much love,

Susie xoxo