I want to share with you how you can live a life of ease.  Notice I didn’t say a life that is EASY.  I do not think you can go through your life and find it all rainbows and unicorns.  I do think you can set yourself up with practices or habits that will help you go through the rough patches in your life with ease helping you get through the dis-ease. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Find the times in your day when you lose track of the amount of time you have spent doing something or being with someone.  When you are doing or being with someone or something you love you stop watching the clock.  Time seems to flow and be easy.  
  2. Declutter your surroundings and be aware of things in your life that cause distractions.  Having too much stuff in your house or in your room causes low levels of anxiety.  You feel like you are taking care of so many “things.”  Create a spacious life where everything has its place.  Also keep the noise in your environment to a minimum.  Do you have to have the TV or radio on all day just to have something in the background?  Be comfortable with nothing happening around you and become comfortable with silence.
  3. Find time to recharge.  You can’t keep your phone running without recharging it and you are the same way.  You can’t keep pushing and pushing yourself to get things done.  PS:  Not everything needs to be done all at once.  Pace yourself but also find time to relax and be still.  Being still is not being lazy, it’s being smart and knowing what your mind, body and spirit needs.
  4. Use your voice to tell others what YOU need.  Tell the people in your life that you need a day, an hour, or ten minutes to yourself.  They will understand and if the don’t, they need to begin to understand that what you are asking for will make you better in everything you do in the long run.
  5. Become aware of your energy.  We all need to know what we need for ourselves energetically.  We cannot run a car without the fuel it needs to make it run.  You are the same way.  If you are depleted in your energy, then that is the time is wind down and take care of yourself.

These are just a few things that you need in order to create a life of ease.  This is so important for women to understand because we are so busy doing for everyone else we forget or feel we don’t have the time to care of ourselves.

Do you need to create more ease in your life but you don’t know where to begin.  I show women how to do things differently and how to create a life that has more ease in it.  It is just about doing things differently and making different choices.

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This can be the best decision you make in your life.  Do something differently.

Much love,

Susie xoxo